WHat culcha is About

Join the team! Support leaders to become more resilient and help them to create a modern company culture. 

This is our passion, in some cases for almost 20 years. In addition to futureproofing companies, we care about people’s wellbeing: We want managers to lead well and with confidence, so that they themselves and their employees are balanced – and come home in a positive mood. 

Get To Know Us 

Prof. Dr. Katja Nettesheim is the founder and CEO of Culcha. She is an expert in management and leadership in the digital age. As the founder & CEO of the transformation boutique _MEDIATE, she has over 15 years of experience in guiding companies through their digital transformation.

Katja Nettesheim

Philipp is CTO at Culcha and has been a passionate software developer for over 20 years. His career started with the JVM. Since then he has worked at startups with different languages and architectural approaches. Most recently, Philipp led a team of 60+ software developers* as VP of Engineering at Uberall.

Philipp Eschenbach

As Chief Educational Content & Comm. Officer, Johanna provides the best learning content for the app and makes sure that soon everyone will know Culcha. After holding positions at TUI and Design Hotels, among others, Johanna brings over ten years of experience to Culcha. She is a communication expert, business trainer and systemic coach - communication in all its facets is close to her heart.

Johanna Schirm

Nina is Finance and Operations Manager at Culcha and has an eye on our financial metrics as well as on Customer Success. Previously, she gained some experience in finance and operations in different startups in Vienna.

Nina Kohlmayer

Max Draguhn is our software developer and responsible for the front-end part of the Culcha NG app. After studying in Munich and Helsinki, he lived and worked in Vienna for 4 years until he moved to Berlin in 2020. Besides his passion for programming, he enjoys the urban life in Berlin.

Max Draguhn

Anna works in the sales team. Here she can talk to a wide variety of customers (or those who might become customers). At the same time, she studies European Management at the University of Wildau. When she is not at work or in a lecture, she meets friends and often plays volleyball.

Anna Poeck

Maria Paula Jaccoud works as a product manager at Culcha. Previously, she helped build Brazil's leading online education platform and now brings this expertise to establishing Culcha in the German market.

Maria Jaccoud

Merrit works as a graphic designer at Culcha and is responsible for the design of the app. She likes being able to express herself creatively while always making sure that Culcha keeps a consistent look. In her free time, she goes to exhibitions and is interested in design and architecture.

Merrit Schomakers

Vincenzo Ferrera

Helen works as a Customer Support Agent at Culcha. If you have any questions or concerns, Helen is here to help. She is also constantly working on optimization measures to create the best possible user experience for you. Helen is studying Business Administration remotely and enjoys attending and teaching fitness classes part time.

Helen Wüstemann

Kashan Khan

Alicia is doing her master's degree in business psychology and uses the knowledge and skills she has learned there specifically for sales. Before joining Culcha, she already gained some experience in the international hotel industry. In her free time, she enjoys water sports, such as sailing and diving.

Alicia Gutsmann


Alexander Koch has over 20 years of experience in the world of finance. First in investment banking and mid-market financing, then at start-ups and grow-ups such as Zalando, Auctionata and Brands4friends. As an advisor, he supports us intensively with his extensive knowledge of business models, KPIs, investor relations and finance tools - and thus makes us ready for world dominance.


Thomas Andrae is an investor in many start-ups, an entrepreneur himself, a multi-board member in various established companies and, from his own ongoing career, an expert on companies such as Siemens and 3M. As an advisor, he supports us with his immense network to corporates and investors - and his infectious drive.


As CEO of kloeckner.i, Christian Dyck built the proprietary B2B platforms for Klöckner Co SE and rewrote the rules for steel trading. As one of our advisors, he supports us regarding the product - and with his wealth of experience (including tricks) from the transformation of a classic company.


Dr. Jens Hutzschenreuter also supports us as an advisor. In the past he worked for the Boston Consulting Group and was the head of Groupon in Germany. Currently he is the owner of the Digital Business Group and SalesPotentials, a headhunter that is specialized in B2B sales. He is our sparring partner especially when it comes to B2B Sales.
Dr. Jens Hutzschenreuter
Aljoscha Kaplan is founder and CEO of GMPVC German Media Pool, the leading media-for-equity investor in Germany. Therefore, Aljoscha supports us as an advisor mainly through his extraordinary network to investors, his creative structuring ability and his good mood.